The lord of the castle is in danger of being torn apart by a mob of werewolves. As the castle itself, it is up to you to rearrange the rooms and use the various traps that lay within to protect your lord until the full moon is no more.


Mouse - Click and slide rooms up/down and left/right

Game Jam 

This is a game created for the 2020 Game Off Game Jam by and GitHub hosted by Lee Reilly

Game Off Game Jam 2020


Art Lead - Mckinzy Mason
Art - Sia Aleskovskaya
Additional Art - Kamilla Brenneysen
Additional Art - Steven Atha

Animation - Kevin Caton-Largent
Additional Animation - Mckinzy Mason

Game Design - Nathan Hales
Game Design - Kevin Caton-Largent
Narrative Design - Sia Aleskovskaya
Level Design - Matthew Sandfrey
Character Design - Mckinzy Mason
Sound Design - Sia Aleskovskaya

AI Programmer - Kevin Caton-Largent
Gameplay Programmer - Matthew Sandfrey
UI Programmer - Nathan Hales

Voice Talent - Mark Krajnc


Download 37 MB


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i dont like this at all.