A downloadable game for Windows

A young boy’s robot action figure is brought to life to fight against the threat of an invading robotic force.  


Kevin Caton-Largent - A.I. Programmer, Special Effects Artist

Alecksandar Jackowicz - Systems Design, Lighting, Programmer 

Gwendolyn Snapp - 2D/3D Artist, Environment Designer

Handi Xu - Programmer, U.I. Artist

Wencheng Yang - 3D Artist, Character Designer/Modeler

Music From the Los Angeles College of Music
-Emmanuel Bransletter
-Qiao Yin
-Hang Yang
-Ty Warner-Yee

Special Thanks
Chris Swain
George Oldziey
Scott Rogers


Plastic Warriors Final.zip 45 MB

Install instructions

1.Download zip file

2.Unzip file

3.Go into game file

4.Double click on executable

5.Choose screen ratio then click on play (Recommended to play in 16:9 ratio )

Note: Do not remove executable from the folder.